How our Hardware works

In orbit around our planet are a number of satellites that make up the Global Positioning System or GPS. If you have a receiver in a vehicle and it can locate at least 3 of them, it can work out where it is by a process called trilateration.

So now it knows where it is it needs to tell tell our server so we can place it on the map. It does this using GPRS (Radio Data) and the internet. A data transmission unit is housed in the same box as the receiver and at set times it takes the location and transmits it to any nearby Cellular Network’s mast.

This then relays it via the internet to a computer server which can be anywhere in the world. However, if this all seems a bit much don't worry if we understand it you don't need to.


The best value GPS tracker

Our base and most popular unit called the AVT10, because the aerials are all inside it only needs connecting to power making it a very easy to install.

It just requires to be mounted anywhere it can electrically see the sky i.e. Label side up for example in the glove compartment, or under the dash, or rear parcel shelf. 

The AVT10 is splash proof and also has an internal backup battery (lasts around 2 hours if moving). It needs a DC supply of 10-30 volts   and we also offer a 6 volt version for older vehicles.

Cost of the Tracking Hardware per unit is £45 (No VAT)
If you wish to order a unit you can contact us and we will raise an invoice alternatively you can order direct a unit and its first Months Service Charge below and save with free postage. Dispatch is normally next day.

Other Hardware

As a matter of interest our parent company MTS also offers weatherproof units for plant and boats plus a range of standard vehicle tracking devices, including a quick fit OBD types for modern vehicles (manufactured after 1996) fitted with OBD2 port.

We can supply 'Covert' installation kits and advice (based on years of experience), that will not only track your assets in the UK but also most of the world.

If you need a unit for a modern car, van or truck, please give us a call and we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

The best value GPS tracker

Other Options

Mounting Brackets: Most installations are achieved with a small strip of Velcro (other brands are available), or plastic wraps. However for 'High Performance Vehicles that may encounter occasional high 'G' force, we recommend using a simple metal 'U' bracket. As a number of people have said they would like to buy rather than make, we have had some manufactured in aluminium and they are available to you at what it cost us, which was £9 each plus carriage.

Exclusive Map Page: All tracking devices are displayed in groups called CUG's (Closed User Group), this means that your vehicle will be displayed along with around 20 others. If you are a motoring club, where possible we put all your members together. For most people this is good compromise between keeping the cost down, but not making you wade through hundreds of other vehicles to find yours. If however for some reason you want a map page that just shows your vehicle this can be done for a one pound fifty more each month i.e. £8.00 per month instead of £6.50.

Theft Deterrent: Lastly lets us be clear on one point - there is not a device made be it ours, or any other companies, that can stop someone stealing your vehicle and as we have said before any salesman who tries to tell you different is a liar! That said a well hidden installation and some common sense can help a lot. If you have an anti-theft device already installed, you can run a feed from the siren to our unit and we can configure it to send you an email when it goes off. Also the simple act of Geo-fencing your home will allow you to be emailed if the vehicle leaves the area and there are more options, just talk to us to find out what others have done.