Demostration of vehicle tracking


Below you will find two links to the live map with real working vehicles, select either the 'Phone', or 'Computer' version depending on what device you are using to view this page. However, if this is your first time here you may just want to take a couple of seconds to read a little about how to use the program, which is further down the screen beyond the images.

Using the Map Software with a PC or Mac

There are two different types of Web Page layouts for you to use - The first one is for a PC, Mac or large tablet. It works best if you have a normal sized screen and shows both the 'Objects' (vehicles) and the 'Map' together all on the same page. You then just need to click on the icon next to the object you are interested in, to see where it is. This will work for most screens.

Click the image above to go to the matching page

Using the Map Software with a Smart Phone

The second option is for Smart Phones or small Tablets. Here you enter the menu and select the object (vehicle) you want to track (remember to start by first selecting 'Objects' from the menu (top left of the screen)).  In Objects once you click on the icon you want, it will close that page and take you to the 'Map' and the object's location. repeat the procedure for each object.

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A brief look at the basics and how to use the program

Lets first look at the phone version - Once you have entered the program you will either see a Map, or a selection of 'Objects' (vehicles). You can switch between them using the Menu option (looks like a Hamburger) at the top right of the screen. The easiest way is to select an object and click on it and it will take you to the map showing where that object last reported. On the top right you will see a drop down box to select Google / Bing street, Satellite views, or most peoples favourite Ordnance Survey Maps. You can of course zoom in and out with your fingers, or the + and - signs. If you now return to the menu and select 'History' you will see a drop down list of your objects, select one (Joe the legend usually has a good record) then select a filter say 'This Week' and then click on 'Show' to see his trips. There is of course much more you can experiment with, but that covers the basics.

If we now look at the Computer version, this opens on a split screen where the 'Objects' (vehicles) are on the left and the map is on the right. Just as before clicking on an object will take you to its last know position. As with the phone version you can select (top right) the different map, or satellite views.

Above the objects list you will also find the history option which works just the same as the phone version above. Of course on the computer version, you can alter the screen layout to show information in different ways, you can switch objects in and out of display.

If you right click on the icon of the vehicle on the map you can often get a street view of where they are (doesn’t work with vehicles in their garage). Towards the left of the map can be found Icons to display traffic information (only in goggle street view), a Ruler device to measure distance, you can even change the language. There are also some icons that you won't have the right to use at this level. Now please select one of these two options.